Northamptonshire is fortunate enough to have a number of breweries small and large producing a wide range of ales. The following list will be kept as up-to-date as possible. If you are aware of any breweries that are not on the list, have ceased brewing, or the information is incorrect please let us know at ku.gro.armac.stnahtron@namriahc

Boot Town Brewery -

Brigstock Brewhouse -

Cotton End Brewery -

Creaton Grange Ales -

Digfield Ales -

Frog Island Brewery -

Great Oakley Brewery -

Gun Dog Ales -

Hart Family Brewers -

Holcot Hop-Craft -

Hoppy Family Brewery -

J Church Brewing - (inc. Olde England Ales)

King's Cliffe Brewery -

Merrimen Brewery -

Nene Valley Brewery -

Nobby's Brewery -

Phipps NBC - (inc. Hoggleys Brewery) -

Potbelly Brewery -

Purple Cow Brewing -

Rockingham Ales -

Silverstone Real Ale Co -

Towcester Mill Brewery -

Weldon Brewery -

Craft/keg only:-

Braybrooke Beer Co -

Carlsberg -

Maule Brewing Co -

Three Hills Brewing -

Ceased brewing Defunct Breweries